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Dominika Sedlakova Naked of the DAy

DOMINIKA SEDLAKOVA has the right name for this type of behavior…because whether she’s American born, or American legal or not…she’s got this solid Eastern European name that reminds me of the Iron Curtain of the 80s and the dream of being important enough to either have a Russian Spy seduce me for information I’d have no problem to give up because I am loyal to my dick before any employer or country….but more important….the USSR let all their ugly women die, to cultivate a hot population of prisoners who all wanted to leave via marrying fat rich Americans…that I wasn’t and never got to capitalize on…but I was able to jerk off to it, like any normal person would…

Now with all the instagram sluts, photographers with their high tech smart phones…the slutty desperation comes in the form of stylized shoots they pretend is “art”….and I’ll buy it even though I know art is a lie, bullshit…but when it encourages a girl to bring out the nipples…here’s the nipples….

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