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Verne Troyer’s New Girlfriend is on my Facebook of the Day

So I have this girl named Dominique Arganese on my Facebook. She is what I call a Montreal Model. That basically means she has no business being a real model, but ghetto local photographers, magazines and companies hire them to do fashion shows, magazine spreads and product shoots, giving these girls who have no business being a real model, the attitude of someone who does have business being a model, even though real models are less obnoxious, because they don’t need to prove that they have it going on, as their careers do the talking for them, while these girls act the way they think models act.

These are the girls you see in clubs, sucking up to bartenders, DJs and promoters while sitting at a table drinking Grey Goose. They are girls who were destined to be strippers and escorts but who took the wrong route and are now on this quest to become famous, despite having no business being famous and they do that by sleeing their way to the top.

A reader sent in something on Perez Hilton saying that this Montreal Model named Dominique Arganese is now dating Verne Troyer and since I knew who she was, I decided to scrub her facebook.

I don’t think she is his girlfriend, but I wouldn’t put it past her that she’s fucked him. These girls are so hungry for famous cock, because they think they deserve it, that they don’t mind compromising their integrity because they don’t really have any, by opening up their vaginas to freaks of nature…..

These are the groupie whores who want that ballin’ lifestyle and who freakshow famous people prey on, because the pussy’s easy.

This is the kind of tacky club slut trash I think about when I hear the words Ed Hardy….I guess her shitty photoshoots make her enough money to fly to vegas and buy all the Ed Hardy her credit card can handle, or maybe she’s got midgets dumb enough to bankroll her….who really gives a fuck…she a low quality piece of shit and she’s not even worth the time I’ve given her on the site, and Verne Troyer’s really the best she’s going to get and I am sure they get along famously, with her broken english and his being 3 foot….

Either way, here are the pics of her and Mini Me…..Poor fucker looks like a kid in the candy store…a really weird lookin kid in a really trashy lookin’ candy store….he has no idea they are exploiting him…but I guess that’s kinda been what his whole life’s been about and at least he’s got the money and the pussy…and I don’t….

It looks like there was another mini me in her life before Verne Troyer, only he was a little taller…and like all girls she slowly climbing the midget ladder…dating shorter and shorter men…until she ends up with what she deserves….a condom full of cum….

And Here are some other pics of her in all her useless glory. I hate that she’s probably so excited about this exposure….Oh well…..I am posting it anyway….This post took me over an hour…that depresses me…..It really wasn’t worth the effort…seriously…why the hell did I do this post…I don’t understand myself sometimes…

Some of her Life Changing Work…..

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