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The Dominos Pizza Youtube Video of the Day

You probably already saw this video because I am fucking slow as fuck on shit like this, but it’s two piece of garbage Dominos workers doing fucking vile shit to food that innocent people ordered. They got arrested, but motherfuckers should get the death sentence. It is not our fucking fault their lives didn’t amount to anything, that they are forced to work a shit job in a shit town doing menial tasks for minimal money because they have no other skills, no drive, no vision and are just useless fuckin’ trash, at least they were stupid enough to upload this shit.

I know if I pay for food, even if it is as low quality as fast food shit, I expect the people working to make it with fucking pride, because I’m fucking paying for it and that’s what I deserve, I mean, in theory, because in reality, I’m a pretty bad person who actually deserves to eat shit.

Watch the video, if you know these people, send me their home address and phone numbers. We’ll get our revenge for all the people who have unknowingly ate food with spit, snot, shit, cum, whatever in it.

On a side note, I used to work in a restaurant kitchen, and we used to do some pretty vile shit to food, especially when the bratty customers sent shit back it. I am talking jerking off on melted cheese dishes, shoving steaks in dirty mop water, serving half rancid meat, and other shit…but that’s not the point, because I am hypocrite.

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