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Dora Yoder Hot Bush of the Day

Dora Yoder Hot Bush

Dora Yoder is some hipster “model” or “artist” as she probably likes to be referred to as…you know it legitimizes her existence as more than just naked clickbait imagery for the internet – in efforts to get attention and seen – so that she can polarize what she does into actually mattering, leading to work, or money, or people buying her art..it’s all tactical and if you’re cute enough it works….

I am not hating, I think the world needs girls like this to inspire other girls to grow out their bush, since bush is my fucking life, I’ve been an advocate for bush forever, I want as big a bush as possible, a panty pillow really and all that bald pussy shit is for Bros and Kardashians….not for young girls I want to have sit on my face.

I am not going to go into my bush promotional campaign, I’ve been writing about it forever and YOU should know by now..

I am going to put up pictures of a girl and her bush, that she doesn’t want you to jerk off to cuz it’s art, which makes jerking off to it more gratifying…

Dora Yoder…I love you.

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Dora Yoder Naked and in Gas Mask for Purple of th Day

AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER AND NEW BEST FRIEND BRAD ELTERMAN posted some hot naked pics of model Dora Yoder who you probably haven’t heard of, but I have, because I keep track of all the LA hipsters willing to get naked for attention, that they hope lead to bigger and better things, especially when they are as hot as Dora Yoder because I love hot naked girls…who let you take pics of their hot naked bodies….especially when then photoshoot is on a pile of dirt and bitch is in a gas mask….with caution tape on her pussy like a warning that she has herpes in some fetishy fashion shit I love…especially since I am going to try to take Dora Yoder on a lunch date in the near future…in efforts to make her my wife…..before she gets too famous to answer my loving messages on facebook like this one I just sent

Dora…I want to explore your pussy…then explore your asshole….then make a kids show about the experience….called Explorer of Dora….

You see charm and genius like tha just can’ be bought, or taught…it is natural and instinctive pathetic efforts that get me ignored.

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