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Doirth Mous Still Naked for Terry Richardson of the Day

Dorith Mous is some tall model who has done random photoshoots for various brands and magazines, but who you have probably never heard of. But she’s trying, you know pushing her PR strategy, using her connections in the fashion scene to get shot by Terry Richardson, and by shot I mean by his camera while naked, to get noticed and attention.

I can only assume that he’s also shooting loads in her with his penis, because model pussy is the whole point of being a photographer, getting them drunk and horny, telling them they are pretty and making them look good in pictures to get them lubed up, kinda thing. Not to mention Terry Richardson is top of his game, even if he’s full of shit, and that kind of thing is what makes girls groupie, hoping it will open doors and I’ve noticed her, so it must be working. Good strategy.

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