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Hayden Panettiere’s Bending Over So You Can See Down Her Shirt of the Day

I learned that midgets have tits at a young age when the only girl who would get with me was the midget in my class because no one else wanted her. That was also the time I learned that all the dudes running after the hot chick were idiots because she was sitting there taking numbers and making different dudes run through hoops while leaving a whole bunch of other dudes with no chance but who jerked off to the thought of the day the heating system broke and her nipples were hard and she was unable to cover them up because she left her sweater at home everyday, waiting…..were idiots, and that there was perfectly hot pussy that was ready and willing as long as you were willing to accept the fact that the pussy wasn’t actually hot but it pretty much felt the same and all it took was closing your eyes to imagine something better and ignore the embarrassment of being seen with them in public, because even ugly girls like to be treated like queens.

That said, I don’t think Hayden and her 5 foot nothing frame’s got much going for her, other than the ability to do more chin-ups than the average athlete and there’s nothing wrong with a strong boxy chick, especially if your the kind of pussy who likes his woman doing the man chores around the house like opening the jars and carrying the groceries in because you’re lazy and like a girl who can fend for herself.

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