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Some Retarded Beating of the Day

This is a crazy video of a dude Down with Syndrome getting Knocked the Fuck Out by some baby daddy who sees the retarded guy kick his son. I guess if you see your son get kicked, it’s almost instinct to protect the little fucker, even if you didn’t want it, but had a girl you were fucking on the side during late night booty calls, after drinkin’ in the club and hustling white girls, who thought it would make you settle down with her and take some responsibility and show more commitment, but instead just made you an angry fucker who beats up retarded people because you have to work two jobs to make ends meet, because you are a decent guy and couldn’t change your name, number and relocate fast enough, because you didn’t want to be a deadbeat like your father, leading to you making a serious habit of wearing condoms every time you have sex with a girl you meet in a club, or one you are fucking on the side, so that they don’t do the same shit to you, because according to the line at Wal Mart, young girls seem to like making babies these days….

Either way, I just want to clear up that despite popular belief, the Down’s Syndrome guy is not Sarah Palin’s son, so the dude who punched him, hasn’t been executed for this yet.

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