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Chester French Album Drops Today of the Day

I started following one of the members of Chester French a month ago not knowing who they were, but all these rappers kept responding to them and figured they must do something interesting, because you know rappers are always knee deep in interesting shit, like drugs, money and women.

Eventually, I figured out they were in a band on tour with Gaga. That’s when I started buggin’ out on them over the internet, trying to get access to Gaga in hopes of grabbing her crotch to see if there was what I expected there to be, if you know what I mean.

They never answered, so I ended up sneaking into the show, and after the show, after getting totally fucking wasted, I was out on the street paying a bum 2 dollars to show me his cock and these two guys walked by me laughing. We got to talking, they were in Chester French, I told them I was bugging them on twitter, we hugged it out and it was the start of a long lasting friendship that I expect will get me invited to their rockstar weddings and mansion parties, maybe get invited on tour or at least get some sloppy groupies no one wants, and if they don’t want me on tour with them, maybe a couple topless /nude pics of their whore rich girl fans. Even though they seem too decent for that.

They launched their album today. I predict it’ll be huge, they are getting tons of love and doing things right and I wish them all the success they deserve and hope you click through and get yourself a copy, since what they are offering is pretty fucking reasonible you bootleg pirate motherfucker.

Get Their Fucking Album, It is Going to Be Huge….

BONUS – Here’s their Video

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