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Amy Winehouse is Awesome of the Day

Amy Winehouse was put under house arrest by her label, because she’s a talent who sells a lot of records and they can’t let her ruin that money making potential for their business. They don’t give a fuck about her health or well-being, they just care about her as a return on an investment that they have probably made 1000 times over but they aren’t done milking this shit and getting her off the streets and the drugs may equate to a couple more albums for her. But big business interest isn’t what this post is about, it’s obvious that business people are like psychopaths out for themselves and if they were to treat people in their everyday lives like they do in business, they’d be arrested or sent to they psych ward, but success and money distract from the fact that they are nuts.

Either way, Amy Winehouse is a fucking star, these are some pictures of her running around like a crazed woman, all while recently beng diagnosed with emphysema. I remember there was a period of time where I thought I had asthma because I was constantly short of breath and though I was going to die and I decided to sit on my couch so I wouldn’t have to strain myself by leaving the house, and never move, whenever anyone asked me to do something, I’d say I couldn’t cuz of the asthma and it was pretty much a solid way to drop any responsibility, I ended up gaining a solid 40 pounds and loved it, but needless to say, when I my wife forced me to go to the doctor and I found out that I wasn’t sick, it put a total damper on my strategy.

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