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Drunk Driving Brings People Together of the Day

Drunk driving gets so much bad press. The media plays it up like it kills little kids playing in outside their houses because one drunk driver ruined it for all other drunk drivers, when clearly, this story proves that driving drunk brings people together…so the drunk driving laws are unconstitutional, they are taking away our right to meet people we run over and hug it out…the government try to ruin all our fun…

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Drinking and Driving Ad That Makes Me Want To Drink and Drive of the Day

My neighbor got evicted and today is his last day, so I just went over for a celebratory cocktail, because lets face it, drinking has a huge part in why he has no money to pay his rent and the reason why he has a handful of complaints within the building and lawsuits outside of the building, because drunkenly breaking into the hot neighbor’s house and crawling into bed with her naked, is frowned upon and being drunk isn’t an excuse the law accepts.

Either way, this commercial was on in the background of our drinking and it made me want to drink and drive, even though it is anti-drunk driving, not because I always want to drink and drive or because it’s like an adult, real life roller coaster, but because their party looks like shit and thethe slight chance there is that if I drank and drive I’d run over anyone one in this commercial sure its a stretch but it’s enough of a motivator to me….

I do not understand how this ended up on TV, but I blame Canada.

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