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I am – Defended By A Topless Black Chick of the Day


So it turns out that a hot black chick who reads this site and who I have been asking for vagina pictures from has come to my defense. I think it’s got nothing to do with wanting to watch her eat watermelon, not because of her race, but because I like watching the juices drip off her face and seeing her spit up the seeds. I’ll stop talking about all this soon….but not as long as hot black chicks send in hot pics that don’t smell like Burger King, even though the Whopper changed my life….

As being a black woman, I’ve never felt that Jeezus Martinez in any way came off as if he was a racist to the African American Community. We have played dominoes and drank a few red stripes on occasion and he told me how much he appreciated our invention of Traffic Light because now he has more fun things to do whilst driving; such as run red lights. Overall, I think he’s just a man who equally attacks everyone without even thinking about using their race as fodder.

He loves the Black Community, especially their Women, even the ones in Africa with AIDS because he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to vagina, except against white feminists with sand in their dried up vaginas.

Speaking of AIDS, Liberal Feminist Cunts are AIDS and they keep spreading it by destroying the ability to free speech Via Internet by bad mouthing someone based on the fact that they have a dick.

Check out her myspace

Oh, and even though you came to my defense and I appreciate it, I just made you famous, bitch.

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