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DrunkenStepfather Makes it on G4TV of the Day

I don’t know what G4TV is, so I definitely don’t know what Attack of the Show is, but according to this email I was featured on it, which is the stamp of approval I used to jerk off thinking about when my penis still worked and owned a TV.


Just wanted to tell you that your website was mentioned on Attack of the Show on G4TV . For some reason they gave your shit site some fucking love. I would tell you to enjoy the new found fame, but G4 is a network aimed at 20-year-old virgin and there shitty lives. Actually, maybe now you will be able to find a cherry a pop, cause there got to be at least one new virgin chick checking your site…she might be pretty unfuckable though if she likes G4. Not that you would be able to get it up anyway.


Either way, the hot slut at IDLYITW posted the clip from the show because her site was featured too, so if you want to watch it, you know what to do…and remember the second site they talk about, that will NEVER be mentioned on this site, is run by a RIP OFF ARTIST who writes creepy, virginal closet case commentary that you should never read if you ever want to get pussy, or my respect, which goes a long way, since I’m featured on TV and you’re not. Cuddles.

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