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The Duggar’s Miscarriage Picture of the Day

I don’t even know who the Duggar’s are…but assume they are some jesus loving weirdos….who apparently are working on kid 20 and posted the miscarriage on twitter as a memorial…and posting miscarriages on twitter is fucking awesome…revolting yet amazing….much more intense than naming them, dressing them up, keeping them in a jar in your closet to bring out to play with and stroke every time you feel sad and lonely about having not family or love in your life….if you know what I mean…

I don’t know why everyone is so upset…miscarriages are a celebration of “My bitch won’t get an abortion and I don’t want a kid with her, kids suck, what the fuck do I do, induce a miscarriage unsuspectingly by having a car accident, pushing her down the stairs, or just a real bad nightmare, you know since miscarriages are nature’s abortion, right?”

If you know what I mean…..and that is that this is some TWISTED shit…

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