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stepINTERVIEW With Screech of the Day

I managed to get an interview with Dustin Diamond better known as Screech from Saved by the Bell, because he wrote a new tell-all book possibly because he is trying to milk his career as Screech as hard as he can, or maybe becuase it is all he has to talk about even 20 years after the fact.
I had questions lined up that I didn’t get to ask because he wouldn’t really let me get a word in, he was really into this book promoting hustle and he didn’t want to give away too much scandal or information or talk about anything thatt may have been interesting.

I didn’t care about interviewing him, mainly because he kind of irrelevant in my life and because I hadn’t read the book and I probably never will, partially cuz I don’t know how to read, but mainly cuz I am not intersted in anything to do with Saved By The Bell.

Don’t get me wrong, they definitely weren’t knocking down my door to get an interview for him, cuz I am even more irrelevant than he is, proven in the fact that I don’t have people lining up interviews for me, if anything I asked them to make it happen thinking it would be funny, before actually thinking it thru, since I always expect recjection, but it turned out that he was rude as fuck, condesending, even an ego, or maybe I was just over-sensitive. There was no chemistry over the phone, like the Russian phone sex operator I tried to marry, so it wasn’t engaging at all. My dis-interest in the whole thing let to him talking and talking and talking and for someone who claims to be a comedian he really didn’t make me laugh, unless his form of comedy is making people want to commit suicide….in which case he was a great success.

Hre are some questions I wrote out but didn’t ask because he cut the interview short, ignored my questionsand kept cutting me off…

So the theme of your book is all the bad shit that went on behind the scenes of the show, are you doing this because the other cast don’t return your calls or because you are bitter cuz you were the loser on the show?

Speaking of sex, I’m assuming you had a groupie since chicks fuck anyone they see on TV, did you get laid a lot during the Screech years and did your groupies make you tell them Zack and Slater stories while you banged them?

I know you cried poor a bunch of years ago, how much did you make off the show? How did you spend all of it. Why isn’t everyone else broke? It’s cuz you are lying for attention right?

So did you write this book yourself or did zack morris ghostwrite it for you?

Did Zack Morris and Mario Lopez ever get caught masturbating together? Did you ever get caught masturbating sniffin their dirty gym shorts in their dressing rooms?

Are You Only Outting Mario Lopez and His Rape Scandal Cuz He’s the Only Saved By the Bell Cast Member Still Working,,,…

Have you ever tasted Mr Belding’s Dick? Has he Tasted Yours?

Was playing Screech and being typecast as Screech, you know that shit following you around for your entire life more annoying, less annoying or equally annoying as watching Screech on the show?

Can you do the screech voice for us, or did you burry that motherfucker years ago?

Would you ever start a phone sex line for horny fans who wanted to fuck you back in the day and who still masturbate to the re-runs, so that they can actually masturbate to your Screech voice? Or do fans not exist in your world?

Amazing, so what are you wearing right now? That gets me so hot….

Sorry for putting you thru this…But on the positive side of things, based on how I put this together, it’s safe to say this is probably the last “celeb”(and I use that term loosely) interview ever…but in my defense, I’m no fuckin’ journalist….

I just wonder if his ego is actually legit, or just him masking his insecurities from knowing he sucks at fucking life, I guess we’ll save that for his therapist, or at least until we hear about his next publicity stunt, because he won’t just take nature’s course and fade into obscurity….

I never watched Saved By The Bell, I have no sympathy for people who are rude or think they are important for being on a TV show in the 90s and he should just get himself a real job and give up this shit, cuz he’s not some awkward lookin’ kid cast as the awkward looking kid anymore, now he’s just the awkward lookin’ adult clinging the fuck on…Cuddles…..

Buy His Book…..

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