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Dylan McDermott and Some Pussy in Bikinis of the Day

I can’t really tell if this chick is hot, I just like her choice in bikini tops, it’s like her perky little tits look like they are plotting an escape, and for some reason, I find that hot, I mean not to mention the rest of her looks pretty fit, but it’s the bikini top that’s won me over…almost like the day I realize girls, like everyday girls who aren’t strippers, wear this new bikini bottom that shows off pretty much 90 percent of their asses, but that aren’t a thong, and look more like a boy short, but still have the same effect as a thong, leaving me disoriented and amazed that bikinis are just what the world needs to make normal girls look like half naked sluts even when what they are doing is entirely innocent, and that makes me as happy as I get, since I’m genearlly too hungover and sad on the inside to feel real joy….

Either way, I don’t know who Dylan McDermott is, but he is pulling in pussy, so he’s obviously on TV, cuz girls love that shit…get naked for that shit and fuck that shit, cuz it makes them feel hotter than they are…it is also a decent way to bottom feed your way to the top and the real question I have in all this is why there isn’t one shot of her ass…Shitty paparazzi needs to sleaze it up a bit…

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