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Allegra Versace’s Pretty Skinny of the Day

Monster Donatella Versace brought out her own little Halloween creation to some fashion event the other day and I am not talking about her face, I am talking about her daughter Allegra who has been battling eating disorders for a long time, probably because her mother is fucking crazy and she had to put up with that shit her entire life, but who’s pointing fingers, when you’re this skinny, your can use your knees and elbows to point at things, they are sharp and really drive the point home.

As an endorser of eating disorders, I have been trying to get my wife into one for a long fucking time and I think it’s safe to say that this girl has gone a little above and beyond the normal range of starving yourself, to the point where she’s not a hot skinny, but an offensive skinny, but figured I’d post this shit for the anorexic porn fetish people out there, because you love how big your dick looks next to her leg, and you love that her low blood sugar and energy levels make it impossible for her to run away from you….and I guess what it comes down to is at least she’s not fat. So instead of hating on her disorder, we should embrace it and ask her for nudes, because I always wondered what a girl this skinny’s vagina looks like. I am thinking, pretty fleshy, with a little uterus stickin’ it’s tongue out at us, but I really don’t know for sure and that is the real tragedy in seeing these pictures…especially since her heart will explode in the next couple months.

I guess this is a pre-RIP motherfucker post, unless girl smartens the fuck up and eats some motherfuckin’ food, it’s not like she can’t afford a fuckin’ burger.

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