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Edie Campbell for Vogue Paris of the Day

Edie Campbell is some tranny model, at least I assume she’s a he, because of her name, in some gender neutral, girls can be named EDIE, it’s not a new thing, maybe she’s an Edith, but based on her bra size, I’m going with Edward…

I don’t know who she is, what her story is, but she’s flashing her titties and I like it, because it reminds me what modeling is all about…tits.

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Edie Campbell Naked for Some Bullshit of the Day


We all know Edie Campbell for being Naomi Campbell’s daughter…this British fashion model world is so fucking nepotistic…it’s like if you’ve got an important mom like Naomi Campbell…photographers everywhere will be willing to take pics of you…especially nude pics..that they will claim are artistic because they just want to see nude bitches…

In fact…based on all my research…most photographers will take nude or topless pics of any girl, they don’t need to be the Naomi Campbell daughter…they could be anyone…so long as they have a vagina…or tits…even small tits..just as long as they are showing said tits…

FASCINATING….that the world is filled with perverts…

Black and White – Makes it ART….right?

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Edie Campbell for Love Magazine of the Day


Last week, I said that I am going to assume that Edie Campbell is the heriess to Campbell soup….

And I said I was going to stick to that…

But I’ve changed my mind, and I am now going to assume she’s Naomi Campbell’s adopted daughter…because Naomi Campbell is old as fuck and in the media because she’s acting in a TV show, to prove that acting requires no effort.

It would make more sense that a model is the daughter of another model, or even a sister, despite their complexion differences….than just a rich kid from a soup empire, because rich kids don’t get modeling jobs…modeling is for babes found in obscure places like supermarkets…unless this Campbell soup heir reinvented that..

Either way, here are her tits, or nipples, because she doesn’t really have tits, but has enough tits to get breast cancer, so they are still considered tits…doing some Love Magazine fashion porn, because fashion porn is interesting to me for a lot of reasons, the main one being tits..

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Edie Campbell for Love Magazine of the Day


I am going to assume that Edie Campbell is the heriess to Campbell soup….

And I’m sticking to that…

Because I’m not sticking it to her…

Sicne we don’t know each other and if we did we probably wouldn’t get along, you know with her whole being British and a model..and me thinking she’s too tall…and her thinking I’m too short and fat…it’d never work..

But I’ll still look at her tits…because nipples used to be something sacred I could exploit and now they are so mainstream and boring, yet advertisers still think I’m porn…

Fuck those guys..even if you’d rather be fucking this guy..

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Edie Campbell for Interview of the Day


I don’t know what Edie Campbell but I do know that she’s a model in Black and white…not naked as models are supposed to be…and that I downloaded the pictures expecting some amazing and inspiring fashion shoot that addresses the state of the nation in some social economic political irony…but that is just a mode in black and white…Should I bother posting? I guess I’m in too deep…and she’s skinny and in a bikini…that works…but could be better….if it was more pornographic…can’t always get what we want can we…

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