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Some Doctor Themed Shoot By Gibson Fox of the Day

Here’s a pretty interesting concept for those of you who are into sick, injured, broken down women who are too weak to run because their immune systems are compromised, they are physically broken, or they are on some medical equipment…but it’s not a fetish shoot for a porn site, this shit is just some fashion nudity…that is shot by a photographer named Gibson Fox, from what I can find, part of som FEEL THE FUTURE collective….and the The models are: Kathleen McGonigle, Ebony Gallant, Rowena Xi Kang, Eilika Meckbach and Newsha Syeh…I’ve never heard of any of them, but they remind me that there busloads of girls willing to get naked for a photoshoot because that’s the dream, you know, to be top tier so you can find a rich husband…it’s better than working as a bar tender and every bitch has an ego that speaks to that…and the subject of this speaks to me because just the other day I was convincing a girl who got surgery removing part of her intestine to use her wound and a fourth vagina, you know when actual vagina, ass and mouth are being used….but maybe I’m the real sick one…

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