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Eilika is Naked of the Day

Eilika is a very weird looking model. She’s one of those models the fashion industry brings on because she looks weird and to them that is “unique” or marketable. Years ago they went crazy for girls with “doll faces”…and now I guess they are going crazy for girls with long faces, that look like they were either run over or just a genetic defect, with a bit of unhealthy, starved, thrown in for dramatic effect….

But the fact is that despite being a hater of long faced girls, I’ve fucked a bunch and they all kind of freaked me out equally, reminding me of that movie with Cher and the handicapped kid, she’s a working model, getting paid and showing tits, so maybe I should care less about the tranny vibe I get from this and more about her willingness to shine, and by shine I mean…show her tits…she’s a model, this is what they do.

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