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El Grace Titties for Terry Richardson of the DAy

This is all I could find on El Grace:

EL Grace is a up and coming artist who specializes in Free Form Music, Fashion Modeling, Abstract Photography and The gift of Living Lucidly. Currently Resides in NYC

Translation: She is a hipster chick with a trust fund who hangs and fucks the right people, doesn’t have a real job, and dicks around all day doing nonsense that doesn’t matter, which thanks to the right friends, like Terry Richardson, will lead to a serious modeling contract, allowing her to take her nonsense to the next level, and share it with her gang of retard followers who buy into anything she says and does, because she’s got the stamp of approval in the fashion and art world…a world that is all a fucking lie….

But I’ll still stare at her tits….even if she’s not my type…cuz tits are fun to stare at when you’ve got nothing else to do.

Even when they are shitty, uneven, on a busted up face that isn’t hot in anyway, and that looks like a teen runaway…because teen runaways, no matter what they look like, are lovely….or even a half retarded inbred kid on sedatives….either way…here are her tits…

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