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Elaine Alden – New York Knick’s Landry Fields’ Groupie Pussy Pics of the DAy

I love no name groupie pussy who gold dig their way onto the cock of professional athletes, cuz professional athletes tour all kinds of cities, have more money than they know what to do with and and end up in bars and hotels in all kinds of cities, where they meet all kinds of sluts they would otherwise never meet who work as bar maids, bottle service girls and party sluts….and spot opportunity…but it take s certain kind of opportunist cocktail waitress slut to turn it all around and make motherfucker call her his gf so that she can call her low level self a model in hopes one day she’ll get booked as a model to help pay off her implants…I mean unless her scam to get knocked up by the motherfucker works first….

Her name is Elaine Alden and these are her self shot pics for the internet….She’s Hot. I’m in Love.

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