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Elina Vasilyevna Nipples of the Day


I don’t know who Elina Vasilyevna is…

But she sounds Eastern European enough to have had to decide whether to pursue porn, like the other Eastern European girls, because it pays more than being lawyers in their poor, still beat up from communism, where even lawyers make less money than dick sucking babes…..or mainstream nudity, like this, in the “fashion” industry…with magazines that are pretty much just Playboy without the budget, but that present themselves as Vogue, but for the next generation, even though the only people into shoots of naked girls, even when they pretend to be editorial, is pervert dudes jerking off like you….

I guess she chose mainstream…and here are her nipples…for mainstream…so don’t sexualize her…this is art people…encourage it, so dumb girls partake in it….and we get to look at it…right!

VIA P Magazine

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