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Eliza Vida and her White Cowboy Boot Booty of the Day

I have a feeling that this ELIZA VIDA is not actually a cowboy, but you cowboy fetishists out there may like to pretend that she is, so look at those boots motherfucker and pretend she’s a shit kickin’ inbred redneck like you….

I mean maybe horseback riding is the reason her ass and legs look so sturdy, but now that vintage cowboy is in style thanks to that Old Town Road song, making my Boot Barn prices sky rocket, it’s probably just a fashion statement….It taps into memories of my first porno VHS, which seems so cliche but brought so many great memories that paved the way for lifetime commitment to masturbation, Thanks Debbie Does Dallas and the slutty cheerleaders who wore similar boots for the good times…I’d hate to see what they all look like now.

Either way, no idea who Eliza Vida and her White Cowboy Boots are….but her name sounds like a porn name…and that ties into the theme I’ve created for this shoot I had nothing to do with.

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