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Elizabeth Hurley Showing Some Tit in Animal Print of the Day

Mom is that you? Shit Elizabeth Hurley got old. Tits or wild and crazy tight animal dress or not, all I can smell is menopause, not that it’s a bad thing, historically unlubricated vagina has offered my small penis the most friction and usually means the bitch is passed out and willing to let me do whatever I want to her cuz she can’t say no, not to mention extra facial hair, shitty bladder control and a monthly reminder that they are getting old as fuck and are unable to have kids, usually lowers standards and increases chances of anal because they just want to feel, and last time I checked, not being able to get pregnant is always a good thing, I mean unless you’re a young couple trying to start a family cuz you think you deserve to be like everyone else,unless you’re someone I’m trying to ejaculate inside…

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