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I am – Paz Vega Swarovski Crystals for Elle of the Day


I don’t know who Paz Vega is, but that’s not too surprising, because I don’t even know who I am anymore. I am just talking shit, I’m the best website on the internet nobody reads, and this bitch is the best Spanish slut with long legs no one cares about.

She did some Elle Magazine photoshoot with Swarovski crystals glued to her, because this is some expensive and luxurious version of body painting, it doesn’t really get as exciting as a college spring break party body painting, but that’s mainly because no one’s gettin’ herpes, and herpes are really the future,

Herpes are the future because all these man-hating lesbian feminists who write Women with a “y”, are on some independent “womyn” kick that leads them to being sluts, but empowered sluts, who don’t want to be called sluts, even they have multiple sexual partners and are sluts. All because when men do it they are considered “studs” and it’s seen as a positive and that’s unfair to a feminist, so the more partners they rack up, the more they think that they are proving a point, because being a feminist is this stamp of approval that they can be loose in the hips. When the reality is that their genitals are the only casualty of this war, but I guess herpes is a small price to pay in doing their part to win this feminist fight on penis. Send nudes, it’ll make you feel better.

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