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Elle Britain Tits of the Day


Elle Britain is some short, chubby, nude for attention, hipster, social media focused, “talent” who probably doesn’t have much talent, at least if you’re a close minded asshole who doesn’t realize that girls don’t need to have talent, and a willingness to get naked, with or without the fuck, is talent enough….because I’ve known girls over the years and some of the worst experiences with said girls have been them not getting naked, not even to fuck, just to show me how their labia looks or works, for science….

So the whole social media thing, the trying to get some attention, the doing it with your tits, it’s great…except when they actually make it and start getting paid and that’s fucking annoying…because I like the milk tits for free..fuck…and the good news, the thing they don’t want you to know….is that there will always be more when these ones either succeed or turn 30…YAY! for Us!

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