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Elle Evans, The Other Em Rat Cow of the Day

There is a a constant conversation that comes up when anyone mentions “em rat cow”, otherwise known as Emily Ratajkowski, otherwise known as some hot tits that were great self promoters from the Blurred Lines video and the one thing at least 5 people have said to me over the length of her overrated career was “there were two other girls in that video, where are they now, clearly Rat Cow had something special”…which never settled well with me as a rationale for her “success” or the fact that she makes over 1,000,000 dollars a year, ultimately being a set of tits from the Blurred lines video, she just hustled harder, she just understood social media, she just took it upon herself, because she know she wasn’t quite hot enough for things to happen for her on their own, and she had to run with it, and harass and distract with those big tits…and really create a brand for herself..she was smarter…

That doesn’t mean the other girls from the video, who before today, I didn’t remember existed…aren’t just as hot, or important in the grand scheme of the world where no one is actually important, it just means she needs a little help strategizing…because she’s not as hungry for producer cock as Rat Cow..

So here’s Elle Evans…one of the girls in the Blurred Lines video…who was not Rat Cow…miraculousy existing, because I would have assumed Rat Cow killed them off to get ahead, but no, she was just a louder self promoter…

Fine Rat Cow is Substantially Better than Her…now fuck off..

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