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Miranda Kerr Pantsless and Boring for Elle US of the Day

Here are some recent pics of Miranda Kerr in Elle US. The problem with American fashion magazines, or really America in general is that it pretends to be conservative and wholeseom and “Safe For Work” because they built their society on the good Christian book, and not on criminals, prostitutes, bootlegging, gambling, and murder, where as Europeans have come to terms with the fact that they are degenerates who like seeing tits, so they don’t censor the shit, especially not when it comes to fashion, cuz fashion is supposed to be so forward thinking or some bullshit….

So these pictures of Miranda Kerr in Elle US bore me, mainly cuz I’ve seen this model bitch pretty much naked many times before, but those pictures are played the fuck out and I am always welcome and inviting to new pictures of her bare tits, whether they are high fashion, or straight from the security camera installed in her bedroom…cuz she is hot and hot girls deserve to get jerked off to by people they’ve never met and don’t know exist, especially when those hot girls make a living prancing around half naked already….

Either way, here are the tame pics…

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