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Elizabeth Elam and Ellen Koivisto Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Elizabeth Elam & Ellen Koivisto Nude

Elizabeth Elam and Ellen Koivisto are the nude girls in photos of the day.

I don’t know who either of them are, but they seem like immigrant sex workers that got into America by disguising themselves as published models, or people of great importance…which buys them a few years to focus on finding an old rich guy to finance them, to pay their rent, to put a baby in them…you know the American Dream..

Older rich men have been fucking younger hot girls since the beginning of time for obvious reasons….mainly because if you can fuck a younger hot girl, why wouldn’t you…. but also because when they were coming up and figuring out how to become rich, they weren’t getting laid…the popular girl in high school rejecting that dance at the High School homecoming destroyed all their confidence, and that is when they decided to get rich to show them….it gave him the drive to get paid to eventually get laid by all the women…because something we have always knowns is that money and that rich life is what young hot girls like…what we didn’t know is that instagram was going to happen and all the influx of whore pussy disguised as nude models willing to fuck for rent or a free trip was going to be a thing…so now all the rich fucks are like a pervert with a viagra prescription at the candy store….doing all he can to piss off his ex wife who married him before her quite got this rich….


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