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Elon Musk is Probably a Demon of the Day

I am not saying that Elon is the only Anti-Christ out there, I am just saying that he’s part of the big plan of the elites, and when people buy into his viral stunts, thinking he’s broke free from the grip of the evil overlords, not realizing he’s an evil overlord, one who was raised to be this person because his family were Globalist Eugenicists…the definition of Anti-Christ is the GREAT DECEIVER.

But when I see stories of him trolling Bill Gates, who is one of his business partners, or when I see stories of him buying twitter by the same people who own Tesla, when I see Tesla and know that E-Vehicles are worse for the environment and part of this hell future they have planned for us, when I know that the system is rigged, when he’s pushing transhumanism, when he invested in MRNA shots back in 2016 and those have been a huge disaster from everything I’ve read….

All these people are fucking pyshopaths is basically what I am getting at, so stop trusting ELON.

Yes, this video is from Alex Jones…but that doesn’t mean the interview with Grimes is not valid…plus Alex Jones is right all the time, whether he’s legit or a plant, who knows….but what I do know is all these people who think Elon is going to save them, with twitter and space and e-vehicles, transhumanism and other insanity….you’re just being a fucking sucker….

Everything you need is in nature, fuck the technocrazy.

There are no heroes in this hell we call life…only God can save us!

Here’s one of his hired mom of two….GRIMES..

I am pretty sure Amber Heard is one of his so CHECK OUT HER NUDES …..

She’s on the stand!

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