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Emilie De Ravin Shows Off Her Legs of the Day

I don’t know who this is and I don’t know why I am posting it, but from my extensive research that I did on her, I discovered she is recently single as her 3 year marriage just ended and she is not wearing her wedding ring in this picture. I also discovered that she is from Australia and I think I have a soft spot for Australian chicks. Ever since I was younger I’ve crossed paths with a few, since they are nomadic and travel the world, and they have all consistently been way cooler than me, which isn’t saying much, but they are always down to party, always easy going and down to fuck, and just last week I was at some after party with an Australian chick I met at 4 in the morning and drank with her until 7 in the morning because she kept feeding me shots until I couldn’t walk, but for some reason she could, like some kind of machine sent from heaven. Unfortunately, I didn’t fuck her, mainly because despite being cool and down to fuck, she wasn’t blind, retarded or desperate, but I part of me wishes that she was…..and that part of me is my penis.

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