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Emily Nolan Plus Sized Model in Lingerie of the Day


As girls in society get fatter, so are the models the brands are using in this “tolerant” love everyone, embrace yourself, love yourself, but don’t masturbate in public love yourself, just be comfortable in a bikini even though you’re 40 pounds over weight because you’re a person too, and you have sex organs too, and people will fuck you, even if it requires being drunk…confidence is the place your head should be…not listening to the fat shaming people…that are really just doing you a favor since all science points to being fat killing you prematurely, meaning it isn’t somehting to embrace or celebrate as a person or a brand or a modeling agency trying to maximize profits…that would be like celebrating a smoker by giving her more cigarettes and telling her it’s ok to smoke…as they monetize her smoking…before she dies a terrible lung cancer death..

Plus sized models are a society being irresponsible…..and here’s one in lingerie…that you may find gross, digsting, but would fuck because you, like me, have no standards and see the humor in it.

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