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Emily O’Hara is Today’s Page 3 Tits of the Day

Here is some useless Glamour model…named Emily O’Hara….who gets topless so I guess she’s not all that useless because being a Glamour model is a real job…even if it is a low level job that requires only one real talent…showing your big old tits…even if you don’t have a hot face…because tits are all you fucking need to get this job done…and I hate on the low level modelling that this is…but at the same time it tricks simple minded chicks, who probably wouldn’t have been getting topless in the first place, to re-think their life goals, leading to getting topless, because it’s a hell of a lot better than working the cash at the grocery store, or whatever Emily O’Hara was doing pre-getting topless in Page 3…and really what it all comes down to is simple….TITTIES!!!

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Emily O’Hara is the Page 3 Glamour Model of the Day

A day is not a day unless it involves staring at some Glamour model tits and mocking them for having daddy issues, craving male attention, not being hot enough to be actual models all while celebrating the fact that they get paid to show their titties, and inspire busty girls to follow in their footsteps, because it leads to the good life, keeping a steady flow of titties for photoshoots available for my jerking off, it’s the circle of life…

Her name is Emily O’Hara and she’s boring as fuck for Page 3 in this ghetto shoot, but you know what…she’s topless….cuz that’s what she fucking does. She’s got it all figured out…

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Emma Glover and Emily O’Hara Topless in Nuts of the Day

NUTS magazine and really all the magazines from the UK seem to have it all figured out….they get these willing to get naked to be the next Katie Price/Jordan stripper looking sluts in these topless photoshoots….and they still sell ads because and aren’t seen as smut…but I put the shit up and I can’t sell an ad for the fucking life of me…leaving me broke and pathetic with these tits mocking me at my core….and being mocked by titties is kinda my fetish…

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