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Emily Palos by Dana Pennington of the Day

Emily Palos is some up and coming model, I’ve never really heard of her, but apparently I am following her on instagram.

I guess I am pretty good at creeping on new talent, finding the hot half naked girls before they really blow the fuck up…You know the amazing girls pushing the boundaries of the instagram terms and conditions with professionally shot pic after pic…getting themselves inst-famous, and thus being seen as insta-relevant, eventually making insta-money….before insta-blocking me for my insta-comments…

Being relevant to the brands and people with the money starts with how many followers you have, and as long as this girl is posing like this, I’ll follow her pretty much anywhere, whether it is a dark alley, home after seeing her in the club, or off a cliff to my death…I get sucked into ass like that…

This shoot is for C-HEADS and I dig it…she’s pretty amazing.

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