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Emma Gro for Fran Dominguez of the Day

THe model’s name is Emma Gro, and if you’re a pervert, she’s not the only thing that Gros when looking at her nipple, but I’m too over exposed to models and aspiring models and instagram models and amateur models and new face models and over the hill models, that it takes more than a nipple to get me excited, yet I am still compelled to post the shoot by FRAN DOMINGUEZ because whether the pics seem like something that have been done before, and whether they have a point or storyline or not, there’s still a babe in front of the camera posing, and I think I am addicted to that….even if she has a beat too much meat and needs a little bit of a tuck….not that I’d ever shame a vagina…I would just question it before diving in…but I’d still dive in…

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