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Bruce Willis Shares His Wife’s Nipples of the Day

I always had a feeling Bruce Willis was the kind of guy who would get off watching his wife get fucked by black dudes. You know the little weirdo in the corner of the room jerking off while directing his wife how to take the black cock down her throat, so it’s only natural that he’d make sure she wears see through dresses when her much younger tits made this public appearance, cuz the idea of a guy getting off to his pussy, makes him cum hard and here are the pics…even if getting hard to these pics make you fucking weird, cuz to see her nipple you gotta do some “Magic Eye” shit…

Her name is Emma Heming and she’s a serious upgrade from Demi…which isn’t saying much…but it is saying something…and that something is that if you are a big movie star you’ll still get better pussy than the average man even 20 years after your last successful role….and even when they are midgets.

Pics via Bauer

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