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Emma Paterson Topless Photoshoot of the Day

Emma Paterson Topless Photoshoot

I wonder if this is Laci Peterson’s sister…or maybe she’s Scott Peterson, our resident Death Row Chiller, new wife…because these bitches marry all the serial killers with their weird prison inmate pen pal dating apps they use to find inmates who never will be released to feed their empty and lonliness without too much commitment or involvement…until the motherfucker gets some DNA evidence releasing him from Jail…forcing you to actually deal with a fucking convict….ruining your whole plan of just being a weirdo who marries people in jail…

I am sure Peterson is a common name, and this unknown nude model in her sheer panties, doing her hipster shoot is actually named Emma Paterson not Peterson….so this post makes no sense…but maybe she’s Robert Paterson’s wife or sister, with her titties out like she was his ex Kristen Stewart, and she better watch out cuz apparently Kristen Stewart is into the whole strap on, pussy eating, mutual masturbation, lesbian shit with models…like some kind of pervert she clearly is….

Either way, her name Emma Paterson. And she’s nude.


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Emma Paterson in a See Through Dress of the Day

Emma Paterson nipples out in a black sheer dress

Emma Paterson is a very very very important personality…who you should stare at while she’s on the beach in the move convenient outfit…because it doesn’t get in the way of her damn nipples being seen…

You know…good styles…..this Emma Paterson, probably never heard of but perfect enough for this dirtbag pervert…

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