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Sienna Miller is Emotionally Unstable of the Day

The nice thing about life is that a lot of times what goes around comes around. It would explain why I have a miserable life after putting alot of people I’ve come in contact with thru hell and it probably also explains why a lonely Sienna Miller is crying in the street like an emotional wreck, because she’s clearly as not hard and unaffected like an emotionless asshole like me.

So when I see a homewrecking cunt who decided one day that everything in life should belong to her, revlove around her and be about her because she views the world from a “Me” perspective, where everyone else in the world are just here to accommodate “Me” and should worship “Me” because “Me” is the center of existance, so even something that belongs to someone else by default should belong to her, and that other person’s emotions don’t even cross her self-absorbed mind, the only thing that does cross her mind is her greed and disgusting grabby hands feeding her emptiness , other people’s emotions just get in the way of the selfish quest, it feels nice to see them broken the fuck down, sad and alone, like their ugly selves deserve because they’ve been disgusting people for so long….and having a meltdown on the street with strangers is a good sign that they are really at the edge, so I’m just hoping her career has taken a nose dive too because that way I can really put Sienna Miller on Drunkenstepfather Suicide watch…This is all very exciting too bad she looks like shit and isn’t naked while riding out this mental health crisis….

Pics via Bauer

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