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Empire Isis Could Be The Next Big Thing Exclusive of the Day

I know you fuckers are into hard rock, death metal and other things that you can listen to while breaking things and masturbating while crying at the same time, but this song was just sent to me and it made me and my wife dance together. The truth is that I don’t dance, especially with my pig of a wife, but the artist is named Empire Isis, she’s out of Montreal, she’s been making music for a long time and she’s just turned down a deal with Interscope, has won a ton of awards and is produced by Prayon who is the same dude who does beats for Beyonce, G-Unit and Sean Paul. They are onto big things and you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the next few months so I figured I’d be the one to release the tune. I’m an opportunist like that.

This is a Stepfather exclusive to start your day and I approve of Empire Isis so you should too.

Listen to the track : Empire Isis – Don’t Go Home (Dirty)


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