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Eniko Mihalik in a Bikini for Bergodorf and Goodman of the Day

It amazes me that people refer to this site as porn, smut, trash, garbage, or all the other horrible things people who don’t appreciate my shitty financial situation, my bitterness towards my fat wife, my alcoholism and other addictions, including a love for all things grimey, disgusting and perverted, trying to add some enjoyment to my life by objectifying pussy and imagining myself playing with it, all while shitting on celebs who live an undeserved good life….say.

Because I’m posting the latest Berdorf and Goodman Resort collection pictures featuring Eniko Mihalik, my new favorite bikini/lingerie model I’ve barely ever heard of, so as far as I’m concerned I’m pretty fucking classy as I imagine her rubbing her trimmed red pubic hair on my testicles…provided she can find them….I’m high fucking society, at least I want to be with this whore…especially if it involves that shit I hear rich dudes get high class escorts to do,….

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