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Erica Candice for Cake Magazine of the Day

OMG…more young models trying to get ahead by getting naked. I love the fucking world….or at least that aspect of the world…where everyone wants to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Where everyone wants to be on camera. Where the world is so porned-up and sexualized, that showing a little tit isn’t a big deal. I mean young girls are in braless sheer tops and shorts that show off their asses practically everywhere I fucking go…this a new thing, one built from the internet that has been going on in Europe since the 60s…and that I think needs to be celebrated…because topless modelling isn’t a career breaker, even a pig like Kim Kardashian who was a human urinal on camera for money is now making 100 million a year for her family…it’s just the way things work…so girls…keep getting naked.

This models name is ERICA CANDICE , you’ve never heard of her and either have I….the photographer Karl Rothenberger and the reality is these could have been topless selfies sent to my snap chat, I’d still be into them…

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