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Erica Leerhsen Ass and Titties in Lonely Joe of the Day

Her name is Erica Leerhsen. She is an A-List actress no one has ever heard of because her choice in movies has been pretty shit. You know from Wong Turn 2, to Blair Witch 2, to this nude role in Lonely Joe from last year….

I am only posting it cuz I like naked bitches tryng to launch a career that for the last decade of acting has been real fucking shit…you know so bad porn is probably the next viable step….but also because her father is a celebrity editor at Us Weekly. Meaning, there is a chance he stumbles about this shit, cuz all those celeb magazines troll the blogs to find out what to write about…even this one..and I want him to know just how much a little slut his little baby is….cuz I know at least one person is masturbating to this clip right now….

Now onto more relevant shit….

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