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Erika Albonetti’s Titties are Short Sighted of the Day

Her name is ERIKA ALBONETti , she calls herself “an international model”….which is an interesting way to refer to yourself….I think it’s the same verbiage escorts willing to travel use when describing themselves….not that this is a sex worker, she’s a 81,000 followed person who probably thinks that makes her important, and maybe it gets her invited to events, when really it’s all just nonsense and the dudes are there for her half nakedness…

What I like about her..is that her nipples need glasses.

That’s about all I have to say about that…

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Erika Albonetti Topless of the Day

Erika Albonetti  topless in pink bodysuit

We don’t know who Erika Albonetti is….but she’s in a topless shoot and she has an instagram with 77k followers that you can see HERE

Her bio is that she’s 22 years old and an International Model…even though you’ve never heard of her, but you have seen her tits, because no only are they in this shoot for whatever the fuck this shoot is for, but they are also all over her instagram, but I guess as an Italian, this is like wearing a bikini top for her…

I didn’t follow her before today, but I do follow her now, because….I like her attitude….or direction…or strategy….TITS…the most Keep it Simple Stupid strategy of a chick aspiring for attention, to get noticed, to work as a model….in this competitive world…

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