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Erin Wagner Topless for 192 Magazine of the Day

Her name is ERIN WAGNER ….I googled her and couldn’t find anything about her…other than that she shares the same name with Justin Bieber’s stepmother and mother of his half Bieber sibling, which is unfortunate, I guess…not that it matter…because this Erin Wagner isn’t affiliated with the Biebers, but I won’t say she’s not prostituting herself like she was Bieber’s mom learning how to monetize off her 5 year old, because any girl you ask to get naked, will always say no….until you package it as being for a great photographer, or for their model portfolio, or for a magazine you never knew existed…because for some reason, girls take that as status nudity, or elitist nudity, and not hooker nudity…anytime we get a girl naked, we’ve won…so this Erin Wagner is my kind of girl…fashionable about getting attention for being topless…even though being topless shouldn’t be a thing, and all girls should be topless all the time, it would make life better…I mean seriously, who the fuck jerks off to boobs now that so much hardcore porn exists…it just doesn’t make sense…so girls get topless on Facebook, do it for feminism and tag me in a all the pics…while you’re doing that, I am gonna stare at this.

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