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Tiger Woods’ Mistress Holly Sampson is an Escort of the Day

I’d say that 98% of pornstars are escorts on the side. I’ve heard the AVN awards in vegas are really just an excuse for all these porn whores to fuck the highest bidder and that when they aren’t in the booth working the tradeshow floor, they are in the hotel fucking their biggest fans…

Now you all know Holly Sampson, Tiger Woods’ mistress who was once on The Wonder Years and who slowly made her way into nude modeling, then into porn and supplementing some of her income the way so many other porn pussy does with escorting….

So maybe this will bring her some new business, but I figured I’d post some of the reviews on her lisint at the eroticreview escort review board. I didn’t want to pay 50 dollars to get the JUICY details, but I’m sure TMZ will rip this off and publish all the info soon. Motherfuckers….

Here is one of her escort profiles that reads:

I want to be that special someone whom you’ll REMEMBER. I want to make sure that when we part you’re left completely WALKING ON AIR. The memory of my smile should WARM you. The sound of my laugh should LINGER in your mind. The touch of my hand on yours should leave you – BREATHLESS…

Here’s another one of her escort ads:

I’ve emailed her and will let you know if she answers…In the meantime Here are some of the reviews….dating back to 2004 when I guess she decided to go pro with this sex thing…


Was enticed by Holly’s pics and the fact that she was a porn star
I met her at the hotel and she looked just like the hot, proverbial girl next store – extremely attractive, casually dressed – certainly not your obvious porn star. We had a get to know you conversation in the restaurant and went to the room. Needless to say, I was very excited by this very hot woman.

She responded to my e-mail within a day and we were able to schedule an afternoon appointment. When the door opened I was greated by a beautiful gal with a big smile. Holly is a little pricy but worth it.

Holly arranged for a cheap fleabag hotel in the south bay. She was late but did call me to let me know. She gave me the room number and I went up to a sleazy room with no wine opener for the bottle I brought. I showered and came out to find Holly watching TV. After I admired her looks in the new dress she bought that afternoon, we got down to business.

Had been trying to get together with Holly for a while and our schedules finally meshed. E-mail her to set appt. and received timely response. Her reference system is painless. I met hewr at a nice hotel of our mutual chosing…and WoW is she HOT!

Holly was absolutely charming. She is a sweet and sensitive soul with a lot to offer some lucky guy. She has grace and charm to boot. She really is terrific but she was no Winnie Cooper.

She is easy to reach by e-mail, and we set up a time to meet. She does have a screening process but it was not anything out of the ordinary. Holly is really good looking, and has a great attitude to go with it. She does have a few restrictions, but provides a solid performance. I had a fun time with her

This is one of the few providers I have seen that look exactly like her photos. She is undoubtably hot and a pro at this, so we get down to it pretty quickly.

Wanted to try Holly for a while since watching one of her Skinamax flick. E-mailed her and set up a meeting rather quickly. Very good session and she delivered as promised

Holly is the HOLY GRAIL of this hobby. She is unbelievably beautiful, sexy, sweet, cool…you name it she is the ultimate. I can’t imagine topping the experience except via future encounters with this incredible woman. She oozes sexuality,is forceful and direct but, always makes sure you are happy and satisfied…

I saw Holly in July of 2004 for 4 hours and she was visting from Az in that time. Holly is about 31 years old and she does look great for her age. She has a great, easy going personality and she is very energetic: If you are old or out of shape, don’t see her, she can kill you with her enthusiam and energy.

Holly Sampson is an actress in the regular and adult movie business. She is visiting LA for a short time and is working through LA’s Best Escorts. This agency has never let me down and when I was told about Holly, I jumped at the chance to meet her. She looks just like her pics and is absolutely gorgeous. Her bio on one of the websites listed her birthday as 9/4/73, so she just turned 31, but she could pass as being in her early 20’s. Her performance was wild, crazy and just plain fun. We really hit it off which may have a lot to do with the great session, but I don’t think you can go wrong with this girl. The skeptic in me thinks that some of the performance (moaning, dirty talk, etc.) was a little acting, but I didn’t care. She was just that much fun and if she wants to act a little to make sure I have a good time, then it just shows me what a great girl she is.

was intrigued first by Holly’s pictures, then her reviews. When guys warn you about being in shape, it’s a good sign that she’s not a 4 (she just laid there). I made the arrangements with Mike (also bitched to him about the representative photos with most of his girls, not Holly), and everything happened on schedule. I was outside the hotel when Holly arrived in the coolest car. If you see her, tell her not to sell! But enough about the damn car, she is hot. She looks much better without the heavy makeup, a natural beauty. She is not as thin as in her pics, but don’t get me wrong, she is very fit. With her looks and reputation, I knew I was in for something special.

She walked in, and yep, she’s the girl in the pictures. She’s really, really hot! Got her some water, and we sat and talked for a few minutes, before her suggestion that we get started.

K…so I took the plunge with this beauty. Called her up, she was out of town but called me back upon her return. Thereafter, she showed up 10 minute late. Wearing a clingy black dress and (get this) Jimmy Choo pumps (ie. $500 shoes). She kissed me gingerly at the door of my garden and I offered her my hand to walk up to my porch. I had the fire going and a mix of juices for her in a pitcher (she does not alcohol drink during a session). She sat on the couch and we proceeded to admire each others eyes…she is incredibly intimate.

We talked about her acting career…she is an accomplished softcore actress and talked about her views on life. She did mention that the previous reviewer that given her a bad review based on the lack of oral that he experienced. She explained that it was based on the fact that she had a crick in her neck. She promised to double her efforts during my session…I will give you the best oral I have ever learned throughout my life

Holly is immensely well read with a casual air that imparts wisdom and sensuality at the same time. We heated up to each other and magnetically drew to each others mouths in a sensual all lips and dancing tongue kiss….I became hot Hot HOT…read on below

The evening of our date I was entertaining clients and she call to let me know she was running late, as things turned out she arrived at my Beverly Hill hotel soon after I arrived. She looked hot in a pair of tight jeans and low cut top. We went to my room, I had a bottle of red wine opened and offered but she doesn’t drink. She came in immediately got undressed and jumped on the bed. It did take long for me to join her.

You get the idea…I’m sure you’re not surprised she’s a fucking hooker…I just thought it was funny.

If you want to read the rest of this bullshit, or sign-up to get the real heavy hooker details about exactly how she fucks, you’ll have to go to her EroticReview Page and pay.

I figured reading about fucking her isn’t worth money….

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Pornstar Lexxi Tyler is Probably a Pornstar Escort of the Day

I don’t cover much porn news here, that’s because I used to work in a porn company and can’t really stomach watching these fake, plastic, disgusting looking girls, who have had way too much dick and drugs in their lives and who did it for money because it’s just not hot to me. I am more into everyday girls, amateurs and your sister, girlfriend and girls I meet in clubs, because let’s face it, everyday sluts are just hotter than career sluts.

After the success of Chasey Lain Hitting Rock Bottom I was reminded that all you perverts love porn, it’s really the only sex you’ve had and with that has come a couple of hot stories.

A source close to Lexxi Tyler emailed me to tell me that the pretty useless pornstar who hasn’t really done all that much porn and who I have never heard about has been seen driving around in her brand new Bentley. Making me believe I am in the wrong business, because if you can afford a Bentley after being in a handful of movies, shit must pay fucking well.

I ended up investigating a little bit and found out that there are a whole lot of pornstars that solicit themselves as escorts for their fans to fuck. After trolling the internet I found out that I can fuck some of your favorite pornstars for anywhere from 500 dollars to 15,000 dollars for a 3 days weekend, depending on who it is. The reason for this is simple, they already see their vaginas as cash cows, they are already selling sex and getting paid for sex, and the average fan is willing to pay a lot more than a porn studio because to a porn studio there are so many girls out there and to the fan there’s only one Lexxi Tyler. So what this means is that when you watch porn, the girls you see are just using that shit as a marketing tool for their prostitution and some are better at it than others because when a whore who looks like a haggard tranny, with a broken down face and a pair of shitty fake tits can afford a Bentley, you know that meaty disgusting AIDS pussy is doing something right and by right, I mean prostituting herself and other girls to losers like you….

I guess her dad, uncle and every man who ever molested her, raped her and ruined her emotionally is giving themselves high fives right now, not because they got up in this over priced vagina for free but because the deep rooted issues she’s got from their abuse has made her rich and that means they are pretty much off the fuckin’ hook and are actually slated to receive a percentage of her earnings for being the major inspiration in her work.

People told me not to post this becaue Lexxi Tyler will sue me because these porn sluts are quick to sue but I am just writing the shit I found online and if people don’t want their dirty little secrets that buy them Bentley’s out there, they should consider not posting ads to fuck them on the fucking internet for people like me to find. If these are fake ads and this whole thing is a lie, which is possible but unlikely, she’s still clearly a haggard fuckin’ slut and you can’t sue me for sayin’ that truth,

The good news for you is that you can fuck all the pornstars you have a crush on, all you need is a job or a credit card. Let’s hope this inspires you to get off your lazy broke ass and out there into the workforce, so that you can start saving, because turning masturbation fantasy into a reality should be enough reason to make those needed changes in your life. I feel like Doctor Phil right now.

Here is an ad posted by Lexxi Tyler Soliciting Sex:

Here is some dude’s review of the experience:

This is Her Myspace With That Kiss a Girl Song Cuz She’s a Fucking Mainstream Loser and Probably Has Delusions of Actually being Important, Famous and Successful When All She is is a Whore….I assume the album called “her girlfriends” are the other girls working for her as whores…I could be wrong….


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