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Esme Bianco Topless Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t watch Game of Thrones, because Sci-Fi Fantasy is just weird to me. I mean life is ridiculous enough that we don’t need to create alternative worlds to really get by…even if no one likes you, fairies and dragons, even when marketed as mainstream, shouldn’t make that shit better….

But apparently, there is a babe on the show. Her name is Esme Bianco, I’ve posted her FULL FRONTAL before….

Hot tits…

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Esme Bianco Full Frontal in Some Stephen McClure Shoot of the Day

Esme Bianco is some UK burlesque dancer, because apparently burlesque still exists, even if it is one of the dumbest things to watch, and usually performed badly by fat chicks.

You probably know her from Game of Thrones, a show I’ve never seen, because I am uncomfortable with dragons, midgets and wizard shit. It just reminds me of virgin losers too much.

I assume that if she’s on the show, she’s one of the girls getting naked….so this nude full frontal in a photoshoot looking amazing…may not be all that wild and exciting for you…but it is for me.

I’ve posted Her tits on TV Before , but this is better.

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