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Estella Warren Tits of the Day


Estella Warren was a huge Canadian Sports Illustrated bikini model, but now she’s 37…and looked 37…a few years ago, but I guess she pulled it together….

Straight from the mean streets of Peterborough Ontario….she’s done so much in modeling, and she’s back with her pre-40 year old tits…

The highlight of her life isn’t her tits at 37, it was when she was arrested after hitting 3 parked cars….resisted arrest….slip out of her cuffs….and get recaptured…all while wasted…100,000 dollar bail was set and she was sent to rehab for 6 months…and that shit is gangster…girl gets fucked up….and that kind of thing is exciting…but I’ve always liked crazy rich girls with deep rooted issues who get fucked up to deal with them…but usually more into them when they are poor as fuck sex workers…but models are the sex workers to the really rich – so I guess it’s all the same.

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