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Estelle Cruijff Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some great older bitch tits on some older bitch named Estelle Cruijff who is some dutch prostitute who avoided the red light district window display job….because she is the neice of some dutch footballer labeled the player of the century and in Europe that’s a title close to sainthood…..at least a title that gets his family looped into the Dutch world for football and in a position to groupie out, groupie on, and get stuffed by entire teams before settling down and getting married to some footballer hero named Ruud Gullit, who was the head coach for the LA Galaxy for a year….cuz Soccer is not just for gay euro trash anymore…..but he got fired and he now sits around on beaches with his baby momma and her great tits cuz he’s got enough money that….since he doesn’t really need to work and getting fired pretty much doesn’t mean much for being able to afford his wife’s botox injections and other luxuries…..if you know what I mean…and what’s important is that these titties are looking good in their bikini they call home….cuz sex with your wife may be hell….and farm sex may be more appealing than relationship sex most of the time…you know to switch things up…but at least she’s got features that help her husband through the suffering…and more importantly….she probably lets him fuck whatever he wants so long as he doesnt cut up her gold card….typical.

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