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RIP MOTHERFUCKER the Estelle Getty Edition of the Day

Estelle Getty died today, making jerking off to episodes of the Golden Girls alot less humiliating. Shit’s like eating a fucking dozen donuts when on a diet but the truth is that everytime I ever jerked off to a girl who I knew was dead, I always felt like it was a spirtual experience, like she was right there in the room with me, making it more beautiful than the regular shameful, self-loathing one you normally have when you realize that you are jerking off to someone who is 90.

Truth is that she was 84, so it was bound to happen, I actually thought she was already dead, but I wouldn’t be surprised if shit is just staged to sell the DVD Box Sets of Empty Nest, you know ripping off the Heath Ledger Batman Marketing strategy because Hollywood only has so much creativity to offer.

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