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Eugenia Suarez in Lingerie of the Day

Eugenia Suarez is the next Shakira…if Shakira was from Argentina not Colombia and actually hot…maybe I’m like Donald Sterling and think all South Americans are the fucking same…something that I’d let my 21 year old hooker record me saying, only for me to get forced into selling my personal assets, since being a racist, is against the rules, even though all the other billionaires out there, who became billionaires doing illegal and soulless things…get to keep their assets…which has nothing to do with anything, at least not when staring at this Eugenia Suarez in some boring lingerie pics…because all lingerie pics are boring, whether they feature hispanic superstars, or your fucking mom…I kind of hate them all…maybe because I’m more into sniffing panties than looking at pics of panties…who knows…

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